Encouraged, God will keep his promises

Dealing With Uncertainty

Be encourage, God will keep his promises.

Joshua prepared to lead the Israelites into  Canaan, a place over ran by their enemies.

Although, God promised them this land the journey to obtain the promise was long hard, and filled with uncertainty.

Today, in 2020 we are living in a land filled with uncertainty. Governed by leaders who may not have all our best interest in mind.  Just like during the time of Joshua God reminds him” Just as I was with Moses, so will I be with you.  I will not leave nor forsake you. God knew Joshoua’s secret concerns, and so he spoke to the fear in Joshua’s heart.

Through this “Plandemic”, it has created fear through Disillusion.  The anxiety of disparity which has lead to a complexity of issues that aren’t being resolved in many lives.   Although,  we are perplexed by the state of today’s world and troubled by our future journey in  it.  We can still find hope . Let God speak to the fear in your heart so that you may find direction just as Joshoua.

The same God who encouraged Joshoua then, also wants to encourage you now. Be strong in the Lord, and the power of his might.

He understands how easily fear coupled by stress can paralyze anyone forced out of  their place of  comfort and into circumstances beyond their  control.

Gratefully, God is still in control, and no matter how uncertain you may feel, the outcome of every situation is known to God. Therefore, we are not alone . The promises God made is to never leave nor forsake those who draw close to him. The children of God are never alone.  You are not in this alone. God is on your side. Your future is in God’s hands. May the Love of God be with you  always.

Be Encouraged, God will keep his promises