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Divine Acknowledgements was inspired by The Most High In lieu of Shareetah.com
My name is Charita & my life has been a divine miracle, a acknowledgement and testament to the awesomeness of God’s goodness since my birth..
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Encouraged, God will keep his promises

Dealing With Uncertainty

Be encourage, God will keep his promises. Joshua prepared to lead the Israelites into  Canaan, a place over ran by their enemies. Although, God promised them this land the journey to obtain the promise was long hard, and filled with uncertainty. Today, in 2020 we are living in a land filled with uncertainty. Governed by …

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New Year 2020

New Year 2020

The Most High has given us the ability to gain Foresight  or Insight in vision . These attributes require a prerequisite to understand the knowledge of any vision given and then take action believing in faith it shall come to pass. The Most High will pour out his Spirit on all people. Sons and daughters …

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